Work Fatigue-Free For Longer With The Spit 218Li Drywall Screwdriver

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ITW Construction Products

16th Jun 2014

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Adding further to their drywall product offer, Spit are pleased to welcome the drywall cordless 218Li Lithium professional screwdriver to their range. As the lightest drywall screwdriver on the market, weighing only 1.6kg, the powerful 18 volt Spit 218Li is versatile, boasts a long battery life and allows the user to work fatigue-free for longer.


The Spit 218Li screwdriver is designed to be used with both single and collated drywall screws and can install up to 3,400 screws with just one fast 40 minute battery charge. The compact size and soft grip handle make the Spit 218Li comfortable to use whilst the adjustable screw depth mechanism and integrated LED lights add to the simplicity of use of the tool.

Chris Rose, Spit Product Manager explains “The power to weight ratio of this tool is incredible. The 218Li is robust, ergonomic and extremely compact – simply all the features a drywaller needs.”

The tool comes with two 4.2Ah lithium-ion batteries and is available on its own and in a kit format, containing the SPEED 55 EASY CLICK adaptor for use with collated screws. Both versions come with a 3 year warranty on the tool and a 1 year warranty on the batteries and charger.

If you would like further information about the Spit 218Li Lithium, please contact ITW Construction Products Customer Services on 0800 652 9260 or visit our website .

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