When Only The Real Saniflo Deal Will Do

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Saniflo & Kinedo

12th Oct 2015

It’s a common pitfall – when you are the innovator in your sector – that copies and lookalikes jump on the bandwagon and attempt to corner some of your market share. Usually these products are recognised as cheap alternatives, are often poorer quality and enjoy limited success.

Every industry battles such issues and the bathroom sector is no different. A plethora of copies over the years has come and gone. Most do not stand the test of time.  Customers tend to understand the original product has been produced after considerable investment in research and development, testing, marketing and after-care. 

Merchants and Retailers aspire to sell the original. Customers aspire to buy the original. 

However, it can be frustrating for a brand like Saniflo when a relatively unknown entrant in to the market claims to be from the Saniflo stable when – in fact – although it may be manufactured in Europe, it’s a completely distinct product. 

Saniflo MD, Tim Pestell, is keen to reiterate that only a product with the Saniflo branding is the real one.

He says: “We are really proud of our heritage in the macerator market in the UK. Saniflo were the first to bring the product to the UK market and we’re by far the market leader. There is a good reason behind that and it is over 35 years of innovation, improvement and investment that have helped to create a well-deserved reputation for quality, durability and reliability.

“We accept that there are competitive products out there and we understand why they would want their product to be aligned with our brand, but we really need industry professionals in the merchant sector not to try and pass off a non-Saniflo product as one of ours. They must do their customers justice by selling the real deal and providing accurate information about the products they sell. 

“We work hard to deliver an innovative solution that helps to overcome a range of plumbing issues and we’re the only manufacturer that has a network of highly trained engineers who sell and support the product. Our UK-based technical team are on-hand five days a week to answer customer queries. A simple phone call can establish whether a product is a genuine Saniflo and we encourage customers to call in and check if they’re not sure.”

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