West Cumbria Hospital Receives The Technical Treatment From Knauf Insulation

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22nd Jun 2016

When West Coast Thermal contractors received the brief for West Cumberland Hospital’s new building, it required a mineral wool insulation product for its internal ductwork. Faced with a choice of insulation products manufactured from glass or rock mineral wool, West Coast Thermal contractors turned to the only UK manufacturer of both, North West based, Knauf Insulation for its guidance, and in turn specified its Klima Duct Roll KDR033 and Klima Duct Board KDB033.

West Cumberland Hospital, situated in Whitehaven, began constructing its new state-of-the-art facility in 2012, to bring its users and employees a 21 st century hospital that would be more comfortable to recover and work in.

John Boughey, Director of West Coast Thermal - Cumbria’s only thermal insulation specialist and licensed asbestos removal contractor - commented: “We were contracted to specify and install insulation for the internal ductwork and as the brief required a mineral wool that could offer excellent thermal performance, with the added benefit of a vapour barrier when working with conditioned air services, we turned to Knauf Insulation for help.

“After consulting with Knauf Insulation’s representatives, who provided us with samples and calculations, we decided to install Klima Duct Roll KDR033 and Klima Duct Board KDB033 to insulate the fresh air supply and return air ductwork throughout the whole of the new build phase.

Manufactured from non-combustible, inorganic rock mineral wool, Knauf Insulation’s Klima Duct Board KDB033 is a robust slab that is supplied with a factory applied reinforced aluminium foil facing. Klima Duct Roll KDR033 is a strong yet flexible non-combustible glass mineral wool roll which also has an aluminium foil facing. Both products are manufactured with Knauf Insulation’s unique no-added formaldehyde ECOSE ® Technology.

With a thermal conductivity of 0.033W/mK at 10 ° C, as well as excellent fire and acoustic properties, both products were perfectly suited for this project with it being a busy public building.

John continued: “This is the first time we have specified Knauf Insulation products on a project and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the materials, how easy it has been to handle and install the products and their unprecedented levels of sustainability and performance.”

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