Wavin Systems en route to UNICEF in Bhutan

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9th Jul 2013


Wavin – Europe’s leading supplier of water management, plumbing and drainage systems – has shipped eight containers with products for drinking water supply and rainwater harvesting to Bhutan.

During a visit to Bhutan, Wavin employees, together with water specialists from UNICEF and the Bhutan Ministry of Health, looked at enhancing the capabilities for the collection, transport, storage and filtering of (rain) water at several schools. These schools are sometimes situated in hard to reach areas of the Himalayan nation and people are in need of good rainwater harvesting and drinking water supply systems.

At the schools where Wavin systems will be installed, much of the rainwater will soon be reused, making more clean water available to improve hygiene. 

Amongst other materials, Wavin has donated Wavin AquaCell units to build specially designed rainwater buffers. Wavin Kanion roofgutters (made by Wavin Poland) will be installed to catch the rainwater and transport it to the buffers. 

To ensure that the systems are properly installed, a number of people from Bhutan underwent a practical training at Wavin. This is a good example of the way in which UNICEF and Wavin join forces to provide children with clean (drinking) water and sanitation.

Through partner CeCo B.V., HUESKER Synthetic GmbH has donated all geotextiles to wrap the buffers so they are protected from damage. Supplier Genap donated part of the PVC foil to make the buffers waterproof.

Providing Essentials for Children (PE4C)

Wavin and UNICEF have been working together under the name Providing Essentials for Children to provide clean drinking water and proper sanitation for children since 2005. The collaboration includes three components: money, products and expertise. After successful projects in Mali, Papua New Guinea and Nepal, the focus is now on Bhutan.

PE4C in Bhutan

Having access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation is a major problem in the sparsely populated inhospitable country of Bhutan. 30% of schools do not have access to clean drinking water and 44% of schools have no sanitation. Wavin and UNICEF are committed to improve sanitation in 38 schools and water storage systems will be installed at 26 schools. Moreover, teachers are trained in the importance of good hygiene. In total we reach approximately 5,000 children with this project.

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