Wavin Offers Suite Solution for Foul Sewer Adoption

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9th Jan 2013

Wavin offers suite solution for foul sewer adoption

In response to new legislation requiring the adoption of all new foul water sewers. Wavin has released its Range 200 inspection chambers and Range 315 inspection chambers, together with product selection tools, to help developers and builders meet the new standards, and gain the necessary approvals with the minimum of fuss.

The new legislation, introduced on 1 October in Wales and expected this year in England, brings in new mandatory build standards. One major change brought in by the standards is that plastic access chambers can be used down to 3m in adoptable sewers.

Wavin’s new Range 200 access chambers are classed as Type 4 access chambers with no connections, under the new standards. Available for 110mm and 160mm pipes, these are straight-through chambers where the two pipes meet at 180 degrees to each other.  This type of chamber is designed to go at the front of mews-style properties where space is limited.

The Range 200 chambers have reinforcing ribs running along their undersides to allow them to withstand ground water pressures. Manufactured from polypropylene, the Range 200 chambers have a 2m long, 200mm diameter, smooth black shaft.

A  flute or curved corner where the vertical shaft meets the horizontal collar provides sufficient space for rodding, in line with the new standards. This is an important issue, as good access to allow water companies to inspect and maintain the sewer network is at the heart of the new standards.

The Range 315 chambers are classed as Type 4 access chambers accommodating connections. There are four chambers in the Range 315 for both 110mm and 160 mm pipes: a straight through unit, a right-hand one, a left-hand one and a twin version.

Manufactured from Polypropylene, the Range 315 chambers have a 2m long 300mm diameter twin wall shaft.  Although they appear on first site very similar to shallow inspection chambers, the Range 315 chambers have reinforcing ribs running around their underside which allows them to withstand ground water pressures.

Both ranges can be used in any loading situation as they are compatible with three different types of cover and frame:  the A15 for non-trafficked areas, the B125 which can take loadings up to 12.5 tonnes and the D400 which can carry 40 tonnes. They are compatible with both Wavin’s Osma and Hepworth brands.

The Range 200 and Range 315 chambers join Wavin’s existing Range 400 and Range 500 chambers.

To help developers and designers make the right choice of chamber for the right situation, whether adoptable, or within a property’s boundaries, Wavin has produced an online decision tool and a printed decision tree together with product and installation guides.

Getting designs right first time will be vital for housebuilders, since the changes to legislation mean that without a Section 104 approval from the Water Company for foul water drainage designs, there will now be no right to connect.

Developers should also be aware of the introduction of BS EN 13598 to replace BS 7158 in January 2013. Both ranges of chamber are compliant with the new BS EN 113598.

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