V850 Gate Valves Open Up A Plethora Of Opportunities

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Pegler Yorkshire

19th Jul 2016

Pegler Yorkshire continues its drive to further enhance its valve portfolio and support its customers’ objectives of system optimisation.  The new V850 ductile iron gate valve has been introduced to the company’s commercial valve offering and adds a solution for potable water applications.

Gate valves, primarily used to allow the flow of liquids, ensure very low friction loss and provide a high flow path when in the fully opened position.  The new V850 is characterised as having a non-rising stem which supports ease if operation in confined spaces. 

The WRAS approved V850 from Pegler Yorkshire boasts numerous benefits over other gate valve types as it is ideal for isolating pipelines that transport potable water.  Its design incorporates a stainless steel stem providing resistance to corrosion in addition its discs are coated in a EPDM material to reduce exposure of fluid to metal surfaces.  The valve is coated in an Epoxy paint to prevent direct contact with the ductile iron body and so avoiding any contamination of the water supply.

The V850, available in size DN65 to DN300, also benefits from a non-rising stem which combined with a wheel head operation gives optimal functionality.  Furthermore, the V850 Ductile Iron flanged isolating gate valve is supported by a host of standards including the BS EN1171:2002, BS EN1092-2 PN16 (flanges) and most importantly the V850 PN16 gate valve has WRAS approved product status.

In support of the industry’s drive to provide optimal building efficiency Pegler Yorkshire has developed a straightforward valve selection process for specifiers and contractors alike.  The process targets application areas to ensure the right valve is chosen to support function, size performance and optimisation.

The three key areas are identified as Source – which is focused around plant / boiler centres, Network which encompasses the distribution of heating and potable building systems, and finally the Zone that is the occupied function zone, such as an apartment, office or ward where the heat or water is emitted. 

The Pegler V850 gate valve would perform best within the Source area and can provide an ideal solution to a number of flow control applications.  And, with a working temperature of -10°C to 80°C this PN16 rated valve can certainly provide optimal performance.

Barrie Plant, Valves Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire commented: “Valves are such an important part of any flow control system, it is imperative the best valve is chosen for the each and every application.  The ‘Area’ system we have developed not only gives specifiers and contractors the confidence in choosing the best valve for the job but also provides reassurance in the quality of the product they are choosing by having the backing of the Pegler Yorkshire brand, a name synonymous with centuries of quality UK manufacture and expertise.”

The V850 forms part of the ever increasing range of WRAS approved cast and ductile commercial valves that include Ferrous V850DI V905/G/906/G CI and non ferrous Ball, Gate, Spring Check, Pressure Reducing and Thermostatic Mixing Valves.

For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products and solutions call 01302 560 560. email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk or visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk .

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