Unique Internal Coupling Launched Following Market Feedback

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1st Jan 2017

The Icon IC100P has been launched by coupling manufacturers Flexseal.  It connects DN100/4” plastic & iron pipes via their internal surfaces so it solves tricky on-site issues, where pipes can’t be connected via their external surfaces.

The product features a brand-new push fit design, for easy, tool-free installation, and can be removed and re-used.  The Icon IC100P is the latest addition to Flexseal’s range of Icon internal couplings, which previously included products for pipes from DN150 – DN400.

“Contractors told us that they loved the idea of an internal coupling when the initial Icon range was launched, but that they’d like to see a product for 4” pipes.   This product is the outcome of those conversations,” remarked Scott McMurray, Flexseal’s UK & Ireland Sales Director.

“This product will fit pipes with internal diameters between 99 and 103mm, which most commonly includes plastic and iron pipes.  We’re also developing a product to connect 4” pipes of other materials too,” he added.

The entire Icon range is used where traditional couplings cannot achieve a proper seal due to the exterior of the pipes being inaccessible or irregular.  These situations include where pipes have been sheared close to a surface, when pipes are still partially buried or damaged and when connecting to a flat-bottomed concrete pipe.

“The products in the Icon range are real life-savers on site,” stated McMurray.  “They offer a simple way to achieve the connection that’s needed when any previous solution would have cost dearly in terms of both time and money.”

The Icon IC100P features a pipe stop so that it is inserted into each pipe evenly, a rubber sleeve for a watertight seal and a tapered edge to the seal for a smoother transition within the pipe.  Installation is as simple as pushing it into the first pipe and then pushing the second pipe onto the coupling.  No further steps are needed.

All products within the Icon range meet the testing requirements of BS EN 295, so there is no compromise in the quality of the seal when using these internal couplings.

The company has confirmed that the product is available now.

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