Underfloor Heating Gets Theme Park Goers Warmed Up for a Rollercoaster Ride

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16th Jul 2014

A Polypipe underfloor heating system proved to be the ideal solution for a new entranceway, retail and restaurant space at one of the South West’s most popular tourist destinations, providing the comfort, flexibility and design freedom required to cater to the site’s thousands of visitors.  

In August 2013, contractor Keith Ashley of Knightwood Developments, was charged with demolishing the entrance to Southampton theme park, Paulton Park and replacing the existing set of three 1970s tin-roofed buildings with a new, more interesting structure, designed to resemble a beehive and be more energy efficient. The new entrance was to measure 2,000m 2 in size and include a gift shop, restaurant, kitchen and main visitor entrance. Keith also had to find a heating solution to suit this mixed-use building and on the recommendation of his plumber, Martin O’Connor, selected Polypipe’s staple underfloor heating system, which had already successfully been installed at Peppa Pig World, another area within the park.

The system was to be split into zones and used throughout the entire space, offering its eventual users complete control of the building’s temperature, for example decreasing it in the restaurant, which may be warm, and increasing it in the entrance hall which has exterior access.

Underfloor heating provided the flexibility required for this project, thanks to its polybutylene pipes which bend easily to navigate the shape of the rooms. Underfloor heating also removed the need for radiators, which weren’t a viable option, particularly in the gift shop where space was needed for shelving and displays. Furthermore, because the system was water-based, it fitted with the energy efficient ideology which was driving the building’s design.

Installation took place over a four week period, with the team of installers laying the pipes directly onto the insulation boards which form the base of the floor structure. These pipes were then sealed in place using Polypipe’s industrial staple gun, after which a 150ml concrete screed was added to set the system within the floor.

Speaking about the installation process, Keith said: “Fitting the system couldn’t have been easier; the team and I found the suppleness of the pipes particularly useful, especially when creating the various zones within the building. The underfloor solution proved to be a saviour when it came to heating a building where radiators cannot be used, and where a curved roof makes fitting an option suspended from the ceiling impossible. I’d definitely use the staple system in future projects.”

Discussing the effectiveness of the system at Paulton Park, Andrew Coy, product manager for underfloor heating at Polypipe, said: “It’s great to see underfloor heating being used to transform a large public space, providing an aesthetically pleasing, flexible solution which will keep theme park goers comfortable for years to come.

“When it comes to underfloor heating, no two jobs are ever the same. Luckily, Polypipe has the perfect system for almost every imaginable application, so it was easy to supply the ideal product to make this space work as effectively as possible.” 

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