Turning Fifty with Fernox

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30th Oct 2013

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This year, Fernox celebrates 50 years of innovation within the chemical water treatment industry. So, we’re on the hunt for all those hardworking plumbers and companies also marking its half century this year. This month, we’re talking to Ian Bowyer at Portsdean Heating in xxxx, a company founded in 1964 by Ian’s father John.

When John Bowyer, from Portchester and Dave Evans from Horndean, decided to go into business together, they combined the two location names – and Portsdean Heating was born – starting life by trading out of a small garage in Portchester.

The company’s first ten years was all about growing a customer base and building a professional reputation. However, as with many great partnerships, eventually John Bowyer and Dave Evans parted ways and John remained to continue growing the plumbing and heating business.

Over time, this led to the membership of organisations like the National Coal Board (now who remembers that?) and CORGI. Portsdean Heating went from strength to strength; appointed by larger companies for contracts that would help the company rapidly expand.

It was over twenty years ago that John’s son Ian joined the company and after working alongside his father, he eventually took on the role of Managing Director.

“We’ve now developed a customer base of over 10,000 local and national customers and partnered with many leading boiler manufacturers for warranty work,” said Ian Bowyer. “My Dad’s now 81 but still has an active role in the company – he wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s now 10 of us in total and we cover all aspects of domestic plumbing and heating.” 

Having built its own reputation on quality and professionalism, Portsdean Heating is more than familiar with Fernox, having used the company’s products for over 30 years.

“We’ve used Fernox right from the days of buying gallons of MB-1 Protector,” Ian went on to say. “Today we use the ‘F’ range of chemical water treatments in 500ml as the majority of central heating systems we deal with are sealed systems with combi-boilers so the teams want products that are quick and hassle-free to use. We’re also regularly installing the TF1 Compact and include Fernox as standard in all of our specifications.”  

Portsdean Heating shows what can be achieved with a commitment to providing the best possible service and quite simply – hard graft.

Fernox has pioneered chemical water treatment in the UK and Europe for 50 years, providing the industry with high quality products and a wealth of knowledge and experience. As a thank you for taking part, and for reaching the 50 year milestone, Fernox has sent Portsdean Heating a celebratory pack of Fernox products.   

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