The New Cullen Brochure is Here!

By Administrator

ITW Construction Products

3rd Mar 2015

ITW Construction Products (formerly ITW Industry) have published their new “Cullen Timber Engineered Connectors” brochure for 2015. Continuing their ITW “Product Line Simplification” strategy which was strongly evident in the previous issue, ITW CP have endeavoured to further streamline and enhance their comprehensive connector range, making Cullen products even simpler to specify and pick.

The brochure’s most notable product update follows R&D with the subsequent introduction of the new MHIC hanger with internal flanges, to replace the IFI and HIFI joist hangers. The MHIC is suitable for use where fixing space is tight, such as corner locations, floor cassettes and post to beam connections.

The Cullen brochure is supported with the introduction of QR code links to animations hosted on ITW Construction Products’ YouTube channel. ITW CP’s ongoing product animation program is designed to demonstrate how products are installed to ensure correct use of the connectors.

To request your copy contact ITW Construction Products’ customer service team on 01592 771132. Or visit to view or download online.

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