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23rd Apr 2014

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For installers wanting a highly efficient, quality plumbing system Tectite is fast becoming the fitting of choice.  The range, by leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire, has recently been extended to incorporate Tectite Chrome which provides the quality and ease of a metal push-fit fitting whilst also addressing the key issue of aesthetics.

Tectite Chrome is a metal-push fit fitting that provides many advantages such as heat free jointing offering the ability to install without a hot works permit and therefore avoiding associated administration costs. Fewer specialist tools are required and time on labour is saved as there is no longer a requirement to stay on site for up to two hours following the use of heat as a precautionary measure to guard against fire.  Added to this is a reduction in the time required to fully flush a system for the removal of flux.  But, probably one of the main factors in the use of Tectite Chrome is its aesthetics, it is perfectly placed for use on an exposed system without it looking out of place and negates the need to use bulky compression fittings.

Phill Jackson, marketing and business development director for Pegler Yorkshire said: "We are continually developing products and systems that address key issues for our installers and specifiers alike.  With the introduction of Tectite Chrome, to our already renowned Tectite range, we have developed a solution that not only provides quality performance assurance in the form of a metal push-fit fitting but also one that addresses the aesthetics of a system.

"Tectite Chrome, part of the Tectite Classic and Sprint ranges, will look great in any exposed system while offering the performance of a metal fitting, flexibility of use with a variety of pipe materials and the ease of push-fit jointing."

The new Tectite Chrome range embodies the Tectite ethos boasting grip first grab rings which prevent any risk of incorrect pipe alignment, pre-lubricated seals for reduced insertion force and a DZR brass body.    The range is suitable for jointing with plain and chrome plated copper tube to BS EN 1057, PEX, including Tectite Flexible Metal Tube and PB plastic pipes to BS 7291. Additional features include fixed and demountable options in sizes 10 to 22mm.

Phill continued: "As with the whole Tectite portfolio Tectite Chrome offers tried and tested technology with the advancements and quality assurance only found with products by Pegler Yorkshire.  Our approach to continued product development is driven by feedback from our relationships with the contractors and specifiers who work with both commercial and domestic plumbing systems. We will continue to evolve this range and promise to deliver products and systems that connect and control!"

For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 0844 243 4400, email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk or visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk.  

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