Tapworks Water Softeners - Thinking Inside The Box!

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Tapworks Water Softeners

3rd Jul 2012

The Tapworks range of domestic water softeners, with a high flow rate valve, is easily compatible with all modern plumbing systems and now come with everything in the box for either 15mm or 22mmm plumbing, which is more than you can say for any other softeners in the UK marketplace. Tapworks has been thinking ‘inside the box’ for installers! Tapworks softeners are available from all leading merchants and as well as removing the problems associated with limescale build up in heating systems and household appliances, can contribute significantly to energy efficiency. A water softener will save energy usage in the average home and of course save money on energy bills – 15% is common.

To find out more about the energy efficiency benefits of water softeners head for the new web site at www.tapworks.co.uk. Loads of useful information about softened water, limescale inhibition and energy saving

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