Tapworks Launches New Easyfit All-In-One High Flow Kit

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Tapworks Water Softeners

22nd Feb 2017

Kits for 15mm and 22mm plumbing for UK’s leading water softener range

The easiest to fit water softeners in the UK, just got even easier to fit!

The new Tapworks EasyFit all-in-one kit has been launched in the UK offering a clip on integrated bypass and push fit hoses to the already simple to install Tapworks water softener range that has been improving owners quality of life for many years. This new kit is unique and available only to Tapworks installers and their customers and highlights again why Tapworks water softeners are the number one choice for installers in the UK.

It’s good news for homeowners living in hard water areas.  But even better news for installers looking to build on the income stream offered by water softener installation across the 60% of the UK that has hard water problems.

The new bypass connector fits straight on to copper pipe and fits all ¾” valves on the Ultra 9 Easyflow, AD11 Easyflow and Infinity Easyflow softeners in the range – ideal for any home and able to fit in many standard kitchen cupboards. For larger homes with 28mm plumbing, the Tapworks NSC4OUD1 offers a solution where this high flow softener is normally sited in a utility or boiler room. Its 1” valve and high capacity means it can handle the most demanding homes.

Tapworks Pascal Plouvier says this latest development is key to building on the already impressive reputation that Tapworks has for manufacturing the most reliable softeners on the market: “We have been able to offer the most successful range of conveniently sized water softeners for many years with a softener in the range for every home and every family size. We introduced the high flow valve which is ideal for vented and unvented systems. The Tapworks range is a genuine ‘fit and forget’ range that’s easy to install and comes with sector leading warranties backed by our own high quality team of engineers. They are available from all good plumbers’ merchants. ”

Water softener owners have warmed to the Tapworks Genius Chip© technology installed on all its softeners, that saves them time and money and recognise the benefits of the automated proportional recharge that only happens when its required – saving water and salt.

Anyone who lives in a hard water area knows they do. The evidence is abundantly clear on a daily basis in the home, from the issues with washing, bathing, cleaning and fighting limescale build up in kettles, washing machines, dishwashers and in heating systems. People who have invested in a water softener will virtually never live in a house without one again – the benefits are that powerful.

“And installers who have become linked to the Tapworks brand are our best allies,” continues Pascal Plouvier. “We have built up our Team Tapworks installer network as the awareness of the benefits of working with Tapworks and developing this additional income stream has grown - alongside their existing heating or bathroom installation business. With installers getting a free AD 11 Easyflow for every ten registered installations, there are clear tangible benefits to membership alongside the advice and other offers available to installers. Some installers reckon they convert as many as one in two quotes where they tack the cost of a water softener on to a quote for a heating system or new bathroom, to keep the customer’s new investment working as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.”

To find out more about the new EasyFit  all-in-one installation kit and the range of Tapworks water softeners, along with the benefits of membership of Team Tapworks, go to www.tapworks.co.uk or call Tapworks on 01494 480 621.

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