Tapered Roof Insulation Made Easy With EcoTherm

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30th Jun 2014

Creating a fall to a flat roof can be a costly and time consuming process, but is absolutely necessary to ensure the designed lifetime of the roof is met.  Correct water channelling and drainage reduces the risk of ponding which can lead to premature failures in the roof waterproofing system and increased structural loading.  To simplify the process, EcoTherm’s tapered range of roof insulation boards create falls and insulate at the same time.  This eliminates the requirement for a structural roof fall (timber firings or screed laid to falls), saving both time and money.  The tapered insulation boards also allow for easy design and installation of projects requiring complex fall configurations.

The newly rebranded rigid insulation boards are available in a number of tapered falls, thicknesses and applications to suit each project’s unique demands.

EcoTherm’s tapered range comprises the following products with standard falls of 1:60 and 1:80 and bespoke falls available on request:

  • EcoTherm Taper-Fix - Suitable for single ply mechanically fixed applications.
  • EcoTherm Taper-Bond – Suitable for single-ply adhered applications.
  • EcoTherm Taper-Torch - Suitable for torch on felt, roll and pour felt and mastic asphalt applications.

All EcoTherm Insulation boards are lightweight yet tough and durable, and easy to handle allowing fast track installation.  Their excellent thermal performance provides a cost effective means of meeting Building Regulations and Standards with minimal thickness and weight to the roof.

EcoTherm tapered solutions also include superior, factory cut pre-mitred hips and valleys, helping to keep installation time, cost and site waste to a minimum. The products are available in single layer thicknesses from 30 mm – 150 mm, with greater thicknesses supplied factory bonded.

EcoTherm Insulation partner with Building Innovation Ltd who provide a specialist full roof design service.  Building Innovation create tapered schemes to meet project specific requirements, taking all aspects into consideration including thermal performance, falls and location of roof outlets, lights and vents.  All tapered roof U-value calculations are completed by Building Innovation in accordance to Annex C of BS EN ISO 6946:2007.  Their unrivalled technical support includes U-value calculations, Condensation Risk Analysis (CRA) and on-site support and surveys.

Full product information and literature are available from the EcoTherm website: www.ecotherm.co.uk

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