Spit Launch New Multi-max Methacrylate Resin

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ITW Construction Products

14th Jan 2014

Multi-Max is the latest in advanced chemical resin systems for the construction industry in the Spit chemical fixings range. Tested and approved for a broad range of base materials, and boasting triple ETA approvals, Multi-Max can be used safely in a wide variety of critical application. With the ability to cure quickly within the UK temperature spectrum, this chemical resin is an ideal partner for all trades.

Spit Multi-Max Methacrylate Resin can be used in base materials ranging from concrete and solid masonry to hollow brick and block and even plasterboard. It has been approved for use with steel and stainless steel chemical resin studs as well as perforated mesh sleeves and the Spit iD-All anchor, designed for use in hollow base materials. The accompanying quick mix nozzle ensures an optimum chemical mix whilst also keeping resin waste to a minimum.

As an expansion free anchoring system, Multi-Max allows successful low edge and distance spacing fixings, and is perfect for use in structures such as pipework support, air conditioning ducts, safety barriers and even motorway signs and climbing walls.

Multi-Max is odourless, which makes it ideal for use in low ventilated areas, and cures in substrate temperatures ranging from -5°C to 40°C, It can also be used effectively in dry, humid conditions.

If you would like further information about Spit Multi-Max, please contact ITW Construction Products Customer Services on 0800 652 9260.

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