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British Gypsum

24th Oct 2017

By using British Gypsum’s latest development in patching and repair plaster a property maintenance company completed renovation works at a Birmingham nursing home in half the time previously needed.

As part of a larger renovation project Novus Property Solutions was tasked with repairing and skimming the masonry walls of a laundry room after a number of chases were made for electrical cables and structural alterations were made to accommodate new fenestration. Using Thistle Bonding 60, a new rapid setting undercoat plaster from British Gypsum, the plasterers were able to save more than two hours in setting time when compared to using standard undercoat plasters.

Dave Shelley, Project Manager at Novus Property Solutions, commented: "Using Thistle Bonding 60 resulted in a massive reduction in standstill time to an absolute minimum. It’s a fantastic product that enables us to manage our jobs much easier as we don’t have to arrange second visits or spread patching jobs across two days."

Thistle Bonding 60 has a setting time of just 60 minutes on low suction backgrounds and is easy to mix and use – this setting time is even quicker on higher suction backgrounds. Providing a rapid consistent finish that is ready to be skimmed over, tradespeople can double their productivity on repair work and even complete multiple patching jobs in a single day instead of just one.

Ideal for patching deep holes or chases, Thistle Bonding 60 can be built up in 11mm layers and is available in several different pack sizes to meet unique requirements. As well as the standard 25kg bag, which is suitable for tradespeople carrying out lots of patch or repair work, it is also available in a half bag (12.5kg) and a handy re-sealable 10kg tub.

Dave Shelley added: "We were really impressed with the product as well as British Gypsum’s Plaster Demonstrator who came to site to show us how to use it properly. Being shown first-hand was really helpful and, in my opinion, much better than reading a brochure or watching a video online. We will certainly be using Thistle Bonding 60 again on future jobs."

To find out more information about British Gypsum and Thistle Bonding 60, please visit: www.british-gypsum.com

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