Smaller Is Even More Beautiful In The Mira Minilite

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Kohler Mira Ltd

14th Nov 2016

Mira Showers – the UK’s leading manufacturer of showering products and accessories – has revised its popular range of Minilite concentric mixer showers to offer a valve that retains the high aesthetic and performance of its predecessor, yet in an even more compact body.

Mira’s own market research reveals that – when budget is taken out of the equation – homeowners much prefer the style and functionality of concentric mixers; and at a price designed to compete with bar valves, the Minilite allows them to realise that aspiration.

The new Minilite – always around half the size of a traditional mixer – has a smaller body size, both in height and depth; making it ideally suited for the confines of smaller enclosures or new en suite applications.

There are three showers in the collection: the exposed valve Minilite EV, and built-in Minilite BIV, both with a bijou 90mm multi-function showerhead with rub clean nozzles; and the built-in Minilite BIR, which offers a generous rigid 200mm drench head.

That the Minilite packs such a showering punch within its small body is thanks to the company’s patented Magni-flo™ technology. Mira Magni-flo™ is a superb, uniquely engineered technology that enables its shower mixers to deliver up to three times more flow than competing products, even at low pressure.

The overall aesthetic has also been enhanced by the removal of concealing insert on top of valve for reversible inlets, which also makes the shower easier to clean. Instead of reversible inlets, the cartridge can now be reversed inside the body. The addition of an indicator ring gives the user an at-a-glance indication of shower temperature.

Optimum water efficiency is achievable through an included six litres-per-minute (lpm) flow regulator; while a luxurious 12 lpm is available – subject to input pressures – without.

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