Sentinel Leaflet Explains Benefits of Water Treatment to Homeowners

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Sentinel Performance Solutions

2nd Jun 2015

Explaining the advantages of proper water treatment to homeowners, such as energy and cost savings, heating system longevity and boiler performance, can be difficult – after all, the true extent of corrosion and limescale damage is not usually visible from the outside of a heating or hot water system. With this in mind, Sentinel has developed a homeowner leaflet that illustrates in layman’s terms the significance of cleaning, protecting, and maintaining central heating and hot water systems with high quality water treatment.

A handy tool for installers, Sentinel’s ‘Homeowner’s guide to a healthy heating system’ leaflet explains clearly the problems caused by untreated water, such as cold spots, noise, potential for breakdowns, and increased heating bills. Numerous industry statistics are included to highlight the various issues to homeowners. For instance, how many will be aware that approximately 87% of boiler call-outs are to systems without correct water treatment?

The leaflet goes on to describe how the Sentinel System of clean, protect, and maintain is designed to prevent corrosion and limescale buildup, thus enabling the homeowner to benefit from maximum heating system efficiency, longevity, and performance. Punchy facts on long-term cost savings, plus information on protecting boiler warranties by investing in best practice water treatment, also feature. This is important since many homeowners who fail to understand the importance of water treatment will opt to skip essential steps such as powerflushing. Most think this will save money in the short term, not realising that such an approach is a false economy and could invalidate their boiler warranty.

Sentinel UK Trade Marketing Manager, Daniel Cheung, suggests that installers can use the leaflet as a talking point, either when quoting for work or while completing a boiler installation or replacement, to discuss with the homeowner the preventative measures they would or have taken to ensure the efficiency and smooth running of the entire heating system:

“As well as adding value to the customer, this could add great value to the installer’s business in terms of revenue, reputation, and catching potential problems early. In addition, the leaflet makes it possible to outline the importance of maintaining the system with regular check-ups and testing to ensure the inconvenience and cost of a boiler breakdown is prevented, resulting in possible additional maintenance packages for the installer.”

“The upshot is that installers gain extra credibility and professionalism for their business by way of increased trust between them and the homeowner, which is sure to boost their reputation as a reliable, honest tradesperson,” he concluded.

Sentinel’s simple three-step system of clean, protect, and maintain enables installers to get the water treatment process right every time, and ensures the longevity and efficiency of heating and hot water systems. Each product in the range has been placed into a clean, protect or maintain category, and feature distinct identification symbols, ensuring installers have fast access to the products they require.

Sentinel’s homeowner leaflet is available via the Sentinel CPM App – handy for installers with tablets and mobiles - and can also be downloaded from Sentinel’s website, To request hard copies of the leaflet, please call Sentinel on 01928 704330.

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