Sentinel Eliminator Filter Boasts Leak-Free Design

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Sentinel Performance Solutions

14th Apr 2015

As well capturing both magnetic and non-magnetic system debris thanks to Quadra-Cyclone® technology, Sentinel’s Eliminator® and Eliminator Nano® filters have once again surpassed the limits of traditional magnetic filter technology by eliminating filter leaks. The secret behind this class-leading innovation is Eliminator®’s dual seals, a design feature that Sentinel has perfected over years of meticulous product development and rigorous testing. It means that plumbers and heating engineers can rest assured that Sentinel Eliminator® filters, once fitted, will remain leak-free.

The development is sure to please heating installers, who, when interviewed by Sentinel, cited leakage to be one of the most common problems with some other magnetic filters on the market. In such instances, plumbers often face the inconvenience of replacing filter parts or the entire filter, as well as complaints from the homeowner. Leaks from a system filter can also cause more serious problems, such as a dilution of circulating inhibitor, which in turn can lead to corrosion and limescale build-up.

The Sentinel Eliminator® filter is the first filter to use Quadra-Cyclone® technology to remove all types of debris from the system flow. In addition to the four true cyclones, the filter features four magnets that are positioned strategically in the collection chamber to aid the capture and retention of separated particles.  The Eliminator® Nano compact filter, which also boasts a leak-free design, relies solely on Quadra-Cyclone® technology to remove system debris. As a result, it not only has an installation area 30% smaller than the Eliminator® filter, but is also able to collect more magnetic debris than other similar sized compact filters on the market.

As well as a leak-free design, Eliminator® filters possess a number of installer-friendly features. For example, the Eliminator® filter boasts a blockage prevention design, while in addition the Eliminator® Nano has a brass T-piece for robust connection and a sealed bin construction for safety and ease of servicing. Time spent on site is minimised as the units are simple to fit and can be installed on any orientation of pipework. Both filters are constructed from tough materials and manufactured in the UK.

Removing debris from the filters is easy and can be achieved via the drain valve for a quick flush or be fully dismantled for a complete clean. To reduce the chances of direct exposure to hot water, the unit is sealed and cannot be opened, which as well as preventing the opportunity for burns and scalds, also reduces the potential for leaks. In addition, an anti-tamper drain valve is featured so users cannot turn the valve to release water when cleaning the filter.

“We spent a long time developing a filter series that not only properly meets the needs of installers to solve common issues such as leaks and ease of installation, but also offers superior performance, hence the use of Quadra-Cyclone technology to capture both magnetic and non-magnetic debris.  The result is the Eliminator® and Eliminator® Nano, two exceptional quality filters that installers can rely on to do a proper job at protecting heating systems from circulating debris for the long term,” said Daniel Cheung, UK Marketing Manager for Sentinel.

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