Sentinel Drives Expansion In International Markets

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Sentinel Performance Solutions

7th Apr 2016

Leading water treatment specialist, Sentinel, is scaling up its operation in key international markets. Regions such as Eastern Europe and Asia are witnessing increasing investment in high efficiency heating technologies, for instance condensing boilers and renewables, at both domestic and commercial levels. As a result, Sentinel, which has partnered with major boiler manufacturers for almost 30 years to deliver lifetime boiler and system protection solutions, is taking the lead to educate these burgeoning markets about the wide-ranging benefits of using high quality boiler and system protection products.

Historically, heating markets in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic have been dominated by low efficiency heating systems, for example solid fuel, old district heating and cast iron boilers, and awareness of water treatment has been relatively low. However, significant changes are afoot, with increasing numbers of householders, companies and governments seeking heating solutions that deliver better energy, cost and carbon savings. This is especially true of EU member states, where the recently implemented ErP (Energy related Products) Directive has made high efficiency condensing boiler technology mandatory on all new and replacement boiler installations.

With this welcome change comes a greater need for high quality water treatment, as condensing boilers – while contributing significantly to energy bills and carbon emissions reduction – are less tolerant of untreated water compared with traditional boilers. This is because the smaller, constrained architectures of heat exchangers in these boilers still need to deliver the same amount of heat and are consequently under higher thermal stress and require better protection. Furthermore, the fine tolerances exhibited by precision engineered components such as valves and pumps are also susceptible to particulates in the system water. Put simply, without the correct treatment of system water, corrosion and limescale accumulation (the latter being a more serious problem in hard water areas) are inevitable.

Corrosion and limescale are known to induce a number of expensive and inconvenient issues in high efficiency condensing boilers and system components. These extend from premature breakdown and parts replacement, reduced lifespan and increased energy consumption, through to poor system performance, cold spots in radiators, excessive noise and leaks. One major boiler manufacturers’ testing and research revealed that 87% of boiler call-outs are to systems without correct water treatment, a sobering statistic that highlights the pressing need for boiler and system protection.

In contrast, correctly applied high quality water treatment products will help to preserve the energy ratings of high efficiency heating and hot water systems and components, reduce energy bills and CO 2 emissions, meet boiler warranty conditions, prevent breakdown and repairs, and increase system longevity. 

Continuing its long history of OEM collaboration, Sentinel is working closely with leading boiler manufacturers throughout Eastern Europe and Asia to increase awareness around boiler protection and promote the benefits of best practice water treatment. The company is staging a series of communications, delivering training, and rolling out effective point-of-sale materials and literature to spell out in clear, easy-to-understand language the advantages afforded by boiler-manufacturer endorsed products, like X100 inhibitor, as well as the Sentinel System of ‘clean, protect, maintain’. The company aims to engage the market at all levels, including installers and wholesalers.

John Lynch, Sales Director for Eastern Europe and Asia, says: “There exists a significant opportunity for Sentinel to help protect new higher efficiency systems by raising awareness of water treatment in regions such as Europe and Asia, where we have successfully grown our business by 50% in the past two years. The benefits of water treatment are well documented and, through a structured programme of education, training and product literature, we aim to ensure that homeowners and landlords achieve maximum value from their investment through properly protected boilers and heating systems, no matter where their property is located.”

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