Sealguard - the number one cure for water ingress

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Fernco Environmental

4th Apr 2013

113 Flexseal Fernco Sealguard2When it comes to high-flow water infiltration, SealGuard - the hydrophobic injection grout from Fernco Environmental - is the optimum choice for utilities contractors, and maintenance and civil engineers, thanks to its outstanding properties of speed, ease and permanence.

By simply injecting SealGuard through the patented static mixer into the source of flowing water, this powerful polyurethane product not only reacts in under three seconds to stop infiltration in its tracks by filling the void, it offers a high density and permanent solution meaning work can continue almost immediately. Unlike other hydrophilic systems in the marketplace, SealGuard does not need water to react and therefore will never shrink. The void is filled and infiltration stopped, permanently.

SealGuard is ideal for manholes, meter pits, culverts, tunnels or any underground structure that needs to be dry; either for its own purpose, or prior to ancillary work. As well as having excellent chemical resistance to all but the most severe solvent or chemical attacks, such as from highly concentrated nitric or sulphuric acid, SealGuard reconstitutes, even in flowing water, unlike other materials that are susceptible to washout.

Graham Howard, Technical Sales Manager at Fernco Environmental comments: “SealGuard stops leaks at a fraction of the time of traditional methods and offers a 90% cure within minutes. Unlike other products that offer a temporary solution, SealGuard is permanent and can be injected into the finest of fractures, rather than just covering them up.”

Available as a standalone product, SealGuard can also be used in conjunction with Fernco Environmental’s Ultracoat, a 100% solids pure epoxy monolithic spray applied coating system. Used for the rehabilitation and long term protection of a wide range of substrates, Ultracoat leaves an exceptionally hard wearing, smooth and impermeable coating, with excellent chemical resistance. Due to its excellent bonding characteristics, it has been successfully used in over 50,000 projects including manholes, bunds, settlement tanks and kilometres of pipes and tunnels - with zero failures.

Graham Howard concludes: “Time is money, and delivered through a simple, small and patented piece of equipment, SealGuard offers contractors and maintenance workers a fast and affordable solution to water leakage. Used independently or together with our other ranges, Ultracoat and Hyperflex, any infiltration can be stopped permanently.”

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