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British Gypsum

6th Nov 2017

Time is money for any installer, so when professional plasterer Peter Lovell heard about Gyproc Aquabead he was keen to try it out in one of his projects. The British Gypsum product is the first of its kind; a polymer based, water-activated corner bead that is more durable, safer to handle and crucially: very easy and quick to install than all other alternative products.  

Achieving a career with such longevity isn’t easy, it requires immense skill, commitment and a willingness to adapt with the times and embrace change. Peter showcased this flexibility recently when he trialled British Gypsum’s award winning Gyproc AquaBead after 45 years of using metal and plastic products. He’s been impressed: “I wish it had been available at the start of my career, it would have saved me a lot of time!”

Peter had seen the product being demonstrated by British Gypsum’s plasterer demonstrators at a trade event earlier in the year. Peter explained: “I’ve always been open to change, but it’s essential that the products I’m using are an improvement on what’s gone before them. That’s why I was interested in Gyproc AquaBead and wanted to give it a go.”

He was keen to use the product in a particular project he had that involved partitioning lengths across the loft and ceiling of a property. Peter wanted to use Gyproc AquaBead to finish the corners and provide a superior bond directly to the drywall.

One of the main advantages of Gyproc AquaBead is that it’s far easier to install than standard corner tape. The product can be simply sprayed and the water-activated adhesive will provide a superior bond directly to drywall. In tests, the revolutionary 90-degree angle corner bead has led to a 33% decrease in the number of coats applied.

Furthermore, Gyproc AquaBead is far more durable than corner tape, achieving a 38 per cent reduction in impact damage. On sites with time pressures, where multiple trades work simultaneously, this extra durability can save money on remedial work.

Peter found that using Gyproc AquaBead saved him a considerable amount of time when compared to other products. He commented: “I found the product to be very easy to use, all I had to do was follow the instructions and it was done without a problem. Once it has been cut and sprayed you can simply push it into place and it will stick firmly. A lot of the time I only needed to use one coat of filler, which is a big improvement on other products. The process is definitely much faster than traditional corner tape, which will save installers time on site.”

As the first self-adhesive polymer product available, Gyproc AquaBead is also much safer to install and handle on site compared to metal based alternatives. Rigid metal beading is renowned for causing small cuts to installers’ hands due to its sharp edges. Also, both rigid metal beading and corner tape require metal snips to cut on site – Gyproc Aquabead has no sharp edges and can be cut with scissors.

Peter concluded: “All in all I really enjoyed using the product and it benefitted my project greatly. Even on uneven surfaces I found it to be really effective, the stuff sticks! It’s the perfect product for interior work; it will save you time and money. What’s more, I’ve still got a load of it left, which I’m excited to use on my next job.”

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