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23rd Mar 2015

Saniflo UK MD Tim Pestell

Saniflo is part of the SFA Group, which is headquartered in France and has 22 subsidiaries worldwide. As part of the campaign, SFA is partnering the French ‘Hydraulic Sans Frontière’ association to help to finance a project to supply drinking water to a village in Senegal.

The village, Diam Diam, has two unprotected traditional wells whose water quality is acceptable but supply is insufficient for the needs of the 4,000-strong population. The village lacks modern toilets and only a few houses have fixed pit latrines with no waste treatment.

Part one of the project involves drilling 110m deep and creating a technical room with a pump and a water tank. The second part of the project will supply a distribution network with water outlets throughout the village and some semi-household latrines in accordance with local customs.

As a result, the village will have easier access to clean drinking water and the sanitation of the inhabitants will be greatly improved.

Saniflo UK Managing Director, Tim Pestell, comments: “We are delighted to support such a worthy cause. The SFA Group is looking forward to assisting with improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of Diam Diam.”

World Plumbing Day, celebrated every year on 11 March, was created in 2010 by the World Plumbing Council, which today boasts 100 organisations from 23 countries as its members. The aim of the World Plumbing Council is to raise awareness of he importance of plumbing in public health.

It is estimated that 3.1 million deaths are caused every year as a result of diseases related to the lack of or poor drinking water and poor sanitation.  

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