Saniflo Publishes Easy To Follow Guide For New Domestic Products

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Saniflo & Kinedo

21st Apr 2017

Saniflo – inventor of the macerator with more than 50 years’ experience and the number one in the UK macerator market – in addition to launching a fresh product catalogue featuring all new products, has published a new leaflet explaining the changes between the old Saniflo products and codes and the new Saniflo Up range to merchants and customers.

The hassle-free, plug and play range is designed to be the best on the market with ease of installation and maintenance better noise and vibration reduction, and as the outlet pipes remain identical, product replacement is swift and straightforward. The new range features Saniflo Up, Sanitop Up, Saniplus Up, Sanivite+, Sanishower+, Sanipro Up, Sanipack Pro Up and the Saniwall Pro designed with Grohe cistern technology.

In addition, product owners receive a special three-year extended warranty period – on top of the two-year standard warranty – once the unit is registered. This unbeatable warranty period reflects Saniflo’s confidence in the new designs.

Saniflo UK Customer Services and Marketing Manager, Ann Boardman, comments: “This new leaflet is designed to give industry professionals and their customers an at-a-glance overview of the new product range making it easy to keep abreast of the changes. We’ve never brought this many new products to market in a single launch before and we want to ensure everyone easily understands the technological developments.”

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