Saniflo Plumbs The Possibility in British Homes

By Administrator

Saniflo & Kinedo

9th Apr 2015

The vast array of pumps, macerators and other plumbing products available on the market today makes it possible for a kitchen, bathroom or utility facility to be installed in a home anywhere a water supply can reach.

That’s the message clearly communicated in a new graphic – The Domestic Range Solutions – designed by the experts at Saniflo showing a diagram of a multi storey domestic property that functions solely using a combination of Saniflo pumps, macerators, WCs and other products.

The easy to follow diagram provides 18 suggestions for the most suitable products to be used in a two-bedroom home, including some trickier plumbing scenarios such as an en-suite in an attic and a utility facility in a basement.

Customer Services and Marketing Manager of Saniflo UK, Ann Boardman, comments: “The diagram shows how it’s possible to plumb an entire property using a combination of Saniflo products making it easier for our customers to understand that thanks to Saniflo products it’s possible to have a kitchen, bathroom or utility facility anywhere a water supply can reach in a home. For decades we’ve made it possible for British homeowners to improve and adapt their homes and even create extra facilities outside the house, such as in a garden room at the bottom of the garden. With such a wide range of products available it can be a challenge knowing the most appropriate products to choose. This diagram make the selection process easy.”

The Domestic Range Solutions graphic is available from Saniflo stockists across the country.

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