Redesigned Product And Packaging To Grow Plumbing Coupling Sales

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4th May 2016

New black PVC plumbing couplings and point of sale are available now from manufacturer Flexseal. 

The Plumbing Coupling Display Box is designed for merchants to highlight these essential plumbing products to tradesmen, encouraging sales, and to simplify the sale within the branch.

“All the couplings supplied in this new packaging are individually barcoded, so no more hunting for barcodes at the counter,” explained Scott McMurray, Flexseal’s UK & Ireland Sales Manager.  “The Display Boxes are despatched to the merchant made up with products so they can be displayed in branch immediately, with no hassle for branch staff,” he continued. 

“The box in which they arrive is eye-catching for customers and could be placed either on the counter or on shelves.”

The Plumbing Coupling Display Box actually contains two boxes, each carrying one of the two most common plumbing sizes from the new black PVC range.  The first carries couplings to fit 32mm pipe and the other carries those suitable for 40mm pipe. 

“We’ve focussed on fast moving sizes that are regularly used by plumbers, items that merchant customers know that they can use,” commented McMurray.  “These couplings are a low cost purchase, but offer the merchant a high margin return.  We believe that the new packaging can help turn more of these products round.”

Flexible PVC couplings can be fitted to any pipe material – even attaching two pipes of different materials - to achieve a fast, watertight seal in emergency situations.  Flexseal offers plumbing couplings to the market in black and grey PVC, as well as in EPDM rubber.  The couplings contained in the Display Box are new sizes from Flexseal’s black PVC coupling range.

Investment in UK tooling has led to offering sizes that are more suitable to this market and will match the sizes offered in grey. 

The most popular sizes of straights and adaptors are available now and the full range will be rolled out throughout the year.

“We’ve sold couplings for plumbing applications for years, even though we’re better known for drainage products,” stated McMurray.  “We recently announced our new brand categories, which include Flexseal Plumbing, and these changes are the result of taking a fresh look at that market.”

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