Quick And Dirty: Sentinel X800 Now Cleans Heating Systems In 1 Hour

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Sentinel Performance Solutions

7th Sep 2017

Why take all day when a quickie can be just as satisfying? Sentinel’s latest generation X800 Fast Acting Cleaner is now able to deliver superior cleaning of heating systems in as little as 1 hour. This better-than-ever cleaning agent, which boasts a powerful yet non-aggressive formulation, helps installers to get the job done as quickly as possible – without compromising on performance. A true ‘1 hour wonder’, X800 is the perfect solution for cleaning when time on site is limited, or simply to help maximise the working day. Just like all Sentinel innovations, the product offers installers competitive advantage by helping them to deliver faster and more effective best practice boiler protection services.

Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner can be used in hot or cold systems (older than six months) and, thanks to its no-foam formula, is the ideal partner for powerflushing machines. This powerful, non-acidic cleaning agent targets heavy corrosion that accumulates at the base of radiators, suspended debris that can block waterways and damage components, and rust and scale which forms on radiator walls. By ensuring that corrosion has nowhere to hide, X800 restores system circulation, improves heat efficiency and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns.

Faster cleaning ultimately reduces time on site, which reduces costs and allows more jobs to be completed in the working day. Not so long ago, most cleaners required a minimum period of overnight to be effective. By 2010, innovation at Sentinel had reduced cleaning time to two hours, and now the water treatment specialist has cut that cleaning time in half with the latest generation X800 Cleaner.

“System cleaning is the first indispensable step in the best practice approach of ‘clean, protect, maintain’, however, installers are often under time pressure on site, which can mean that heating systems don’t get cleaned thoroughly. As a result, the problems of dirty water persist. By delivering superior yet rapid cleaning, Sentinel X800 is going to make a tangible difference to installers, allowing them to deliver best practice boiler protection whilst saving valuable time,” commented Daniel Cheung, UK Trade Marketing Manager at Sentinel.

X800 Cleaner is one of a number of products from Sentinel designed to perform different cleaning tasks, such as powerflushing or fast cleaning (Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner), removing installation debris from new systems (Sentinel X300 for New Systems), and cleaning of old, heavily sludged-up systems (Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner). The product has been launched as part of Sentinel’s industry-wide ‘Think Dirty’ campaign, which aims to eradicate dirty circulating water – a serious problem estimated to affect up to half of all domestic heating systems in the UK – by helping installers to deliver best practice cleaning through the use of cleaning chemicals matched to the age of system and type of corrosion. Sentinel is the only water treatment company to provide installers with a full range of cleaning chemicals.

The new chemical innovations in Sentinel X800 Cleaner include reducing agents to dissolve adhering corrosion crusts and settled debris, and strong complexing agents that help retain dissolved corrosion debris and scale in solution. As with all Sentinel products, X800 Cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and completely harmless to the environment.

The new formulation Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner is now available in all good plumbing, heating and builders’ merchants. For more information, please visit

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