Put An End To ‘Pressing’ Jobs With A Combined Toolkit

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Pegler Yorkshire

4th Aug 2016

As the rise of more modern jointing techniques such as push and press continues leading manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has launched a combined toolkit that gives installers the right equipment to speed up installations.

Phill Jackson, marketing and business development director said: “Each installation brings its own challenges but the key is being able to adapt.  Our newly launched toolkit provides all the essential equipment for installers to be able to adapt their installation as the job dictates whether that is via push, press or a combined approach.”

The Pegler Yorkshire Toolkit includes everything an installer needs for a push or press system installation; a REMS 3-35mm pipe cutter suitable for Copper, Carbon and Stainless, 15, 22 and 28mm Jaws, 15-108mm XPress Copper Depth Gauge, Tectite Sprint and Tectite Classic Depth Gauge and Deburrer, 15mm Multi-layer Tube Straightener and 10-28mm tube cutter for use with PEX and Multi-layer tube.  In addition, there are demount clips, mini press tool, spare battery and dri-slide.

Phill continued: “Today’s installers are well aware of the benefits a heat free installation can bring and are in tune with alternating their methods depending on the job.  Many are happy to use a press system until it gets to a confined space when switching to a push method will make life easier. Both methods provide excellent sealing as you would expect from quality fittingS.”

Those are primarily found in metal fittings – which are a product of choice of those installers who demand high performing and reliable fittings.  Whether push or press a quality metal fitting can be easily identified via its inherent attributes such as Pegler Yorkshire’s XPress unique Leak Before Press design allows installers to instantly identify unpressed joints and Tectite’s patented TectSEAL, directional seals pre-lubricated for reduced insertion force and the provision of a reliable seal.

Phill concluded: “The new Pegler Yorkshire Toolkit provides those installers already combining metal push and press technology with a comprehensive and handy toolbox full with everything needed to complete an installation.  Yet it can also be a great starter kit for those that are yet to use one or both methods.”

Additionally, Pegler Yorkshire has also recently launched an Installer Club which offers cash back or money off products.  To register visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk

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