Providing The Perfect Fit For Narrow Cavities

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Knauf Insulation

10th May 2013


Knauf Insulation, the UKs leading insulation supplier, adds Supafil CarbonPlus to its outstanding range of blown glass mineral wool products.  The new addition offers the same unrivalled combination of advanced thermal performance and on-site practicalities, but moreover, Supafil CarbonPlus is specifically designed for installation into narrow cavities below 50mm.

With full BBA certification, contractors, installers and specifiers alike can be fully confident that Knauf Insulation has an effective solution to tackle the problem of narrow cavities.  There are approximately 535,000 properties in the UK containing narrow cavities, making up more than a quarter of the country’s 2 million hard to treat homes.  Furthermore, Supafil CarbonPlus provides a way to access ECO funding through the hard-to-treat category.

For social landlords, this solution can help towards the upgrading of housing stock to Decent Homes Standards and potentially reduce energy bills for tenants all the while improving the indoor comfort in winter months for tenants, due to the enhanced thermal benefits of glass mineral wool insulation.

The Supafil CarbonPlus system consists of a high performing Supafil product and a specially designed installation kit. The product is not restricted by temperature enabling installers to fit all year round and it is compression packed to increase the amount of material that can be loaded onto each vehicle.  Additionally, installers and contractors can use existing blowing wool machinery.

Steve Smith, Product Manager - Glass Mineral Wool at Knauf Insulation comments: “Our customers are demanding more in terms of high performing products that are not only third party tested and accredited, but that also ensure qualification for the Green Deal.  At Knauf Insulation we supply both cavity wall and solid wall insulation solutions that are all eligible solutions for ECO funding – providing one manufacturer partner for Green Deal providers.  

“The newest addition of Supafil CarbonPlus provides a way to accessing more than half a million additional properties, increasing the business potential for contractors and installers, whilst offering a solution to gain access to additional Carbon Target funding to help drive business.”

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