Popular Commercial Tap Range Extended And Enhanced With New Technology And Design

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Pegler Yorkshire

21st Apr 2016

A popular commercial tap range has undergone a major design and functionality overhaul to ensure modern water saving efficiency and design credentials are met.

The ‘Performa’ range by leading plumbing and heating manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has seen amendments to the classic design as well as the range extended to provide further options for commercial specifiers, plumbers and end users.

“Our Performa range continues to be hugely popular in educational, healthcare, leisure and commercial settings and these new additions will only serve to reinforce its market position,” said Mike Johnson Taps and Washroom Manager Pegler Yorkshire. “Design is equally important as water saving and durability, and our enhanced Performa range delivers an aesthetically pleasing family of taps along with more practical considerations.”

The Performa range now includes new design Non-Concussive high performance tap which benefits from a flow rating of 3.8 litres/min whilst the auto shut-off function gives 12-15 seconds of free flowing water.  The inner cartridge has been redesigned to provide a smoother operation and easier push mechanism. It also benefits from a multi-directional filter which is fully adjustable providing a flow of water suitable for a range of sinks and applications. 

The new Performa Sensor taps from Pegler Yorkshire also benefit from the new sleek design and incorporate an improved performance via an integrated solenoid valve with filter.  These are available in two forms, an Infrared version and a Capacitive version that utilises the most advanced technology to give more controlled sensitivity. Capacitive technology is impervious to light and it is activated by the user being within a certain proximity of the tap, then once the user is out of proximity, the tap deactivates. The Performa Sensor taps have a maximum of 30 seconds activation time to prevent vandalism, and furthermore a newly angled spout eliminates any stagnant water within the tap system protecting the inner workings and provides user safety.

“We want to encourage specifiers and contractors to choose taps that allow the use of water to be controlled, supporting water saving and limits the need for direct contact with them, minimising the transference of bacteria and infection.   It was important that we supported the market demand for this with a stylish design,” said Mike. “In a commercial washroom setting these are vital considerations and we are proud that our new Performa range encompasses all aspects of these requirements for today’s market trends.”

Other aspects to the Performa range include healthcare sector specific taps with anti-microbial properties to aid infection control and lever handles to negate the need for dexterous operation.

The full range of ‘Performa’ taps can be viewed here - http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/ebrochures/105_PY_PERFORMA_40pp_LR_WEB/index.html

Further information about Pegler Yorkshire can be found by visiting www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

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