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1st May 2014

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Holmesgate Place, a major new housing development in Hayes, Middlesex, has benefitted from the specification of PolySure from Polypipe Plumbing & Heating.  Under construction on the former site of the 4,500 capacity Hayes & Yeading FC Football Stadium, the development comprises some 183 new properties, and has being built by Barratt Southern Counties.

As one of the only major UK house builders to have achieved the maximum five star rating for customer satisfaction, awarded by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), the need for Barratt Southern Counties to use only the most reliable and secure plumbing products is paramount. 

“The reliability of a plumbing system is vital for any of our builds, and we have to install a system that we’re 100% confident will deliver once the homeowner has moved into the property,” says Steve Healey, commercial director for Barratt Southern Counties.

A local family-run firm was contracted to carry out the required plumbing work at Holmesgate Place.  PolySure from Polypipe was used for both the hot and cold applications across the development.  Polypipe has a comprehensive range of products, all of which are application driven solutions.  The primary benefit to using PolySure above any other fitting is that, because the press-fit fitting is permanent, it is therefore tamper proof.  PolySure is an extremely reliable fitting, and using it means the risk of any leaks are also effectively eliminated.

All 183 properties at the Holmesgate Place development benefit from the use of Polypipe’s PolySure radial press fit fittings, the first range of press fit fitting available in the UK in UK sizes.  By using it with Polypipe’s flexible plastic piping it eases the installation process for the plumber, and also speeds up the time to install.

“The houses at Holmesgate Place are being completed quickly at a rate of 100 homes per year. Many aspects of the build have to be taken into consideration to stay on schedule - if one task gets held up it has a knock on effect across the entire development,” says James Bell from Polypipe Plumbing & Heating.

He continues: “This is of particular importance to the installation of the plumbing and heating.  If products are overly complex, or there are many stages to installation, the plumber may find he takes that bit longer to complete the job and so other areas of construction may be slowed down as a result.  PolySure handles the challenge of being ultra-reliable, tamper proof and can be installed with ease.

“Across Holmesgate Place, the PolySure fittings have been used in conjunction with PolyPlumb pipes. This flexible pipe system simplifies installation where access is limited or wherever using rigid pipe and bends would be unnecessarily complex.  I look forward to seeing the development progress over the coming weeks and months.”

With no two jobs quite the same, it’s important that installers have the most effective and proven products at hand to meet the most demanding of settings.  As experts in professional plumbing and heating products and accessories, the team at Polypipe Plumbing & Heating is acutely aware of the need to support plumbers and heat engineers with an extensive range of product solutions that can enable them to successfully complete the job at hand.

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