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19th Sep 2013

staple system


Polypipe Plumbing & Heating has increased its range of underfloor heating products and accessories with the launch of Overlay Lite 15, Fit From Below Spreader Plates for suspended floors and a new Staple System for solid floor.

As experts in professional plumbing and heating products and accessories, the latest products have been added to the Polypipe range in order to provide increased installer choice and a superior solution for every application.

As an extension of the Overlay underfloor heating range, Overlay Lite 15 gives installers a new system specifically for 15mm pipes. In addition to offering the same great features as Overlay Lite the new system is 22mm in depth, allows pipe to be laid at 200mm centres and can be used as an over-floor option or low profile floating floor solution.

This new solution means that the product is ideal for large areas or whole house systems as each circuit covers up to 20 m2, ensuring fewer circuits and subsequent controls.  The new connection/end return allows for flexible pipe layouts in hallways, room entrances, around manifolds and is used in rooms for circuit distribution. 

Due to installer requests, Polypipe has also added Fit From Below Spreader Plates to its range for the first time. Screwed into the underside of the installed floor, the double pipe plate gives the same coverage as the existing Double Heat Spreader Plates in the Polypipe range, and joins the unique Modular Heating Panels system as a further ‘fit from below’ option.  

When fitting solid floor underfloor heating, in addition to the ‘iconic’ floor plate, installers now have the option to use a newly added Staple System. Both staple guns and the staples are available now for plumbers and heating engineers who prefer this installation method.

Dave Raynor, category director for Polypipe Plumbing & Heating, says: “We undoubtedly have the most comprehensive range of underfloor heating systems available on the UK market, and we are continuing to increase this.  We understand that installers want choice and have preferences on how they like to install products.  We are constantly listening and ensuring we can deliver what our customers are asking for, which is a solution to every application.

“Our underfloor heating range combines traditional and innovative solutions with options for whole house or single room installation, giving installers increased choice.  Coupled with our design service which can help installers at the beginning of a job, we are confident that the new additions to the range will be received positively.”

For more information consult Polypipe’s Technical Specification Guide, visit to use the online product selectors or call the Polypipe team on 01709 770 000.

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