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Pegler Yorkshire

17th Jun 2014

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Pegler Yorkshire, a market-leading authority in the plumbing and heating industry, is furthering its reputation as a solutions provider by offering a selection of its products in the BIM system.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is designed to allow architects, designers and contractors to create, design and specify a whole range of buildings using digital representation, irrelevant of size or stature.

"BIM is a superb tool for the construction trade and in many ways mirrors the ethos behind our online INSIGHT tool which helps installers, contractors and specifiers choose the right system for the job," said Phill Jackson Marketing & Business Development Director Pegler Yorkshire. "It supports the construction industry in designing and specifying buildings which are efficient and cost effective and initially we will be providing information regarding our Ballorex and Pegler Yorkshire range of commissioning valves which are suited to the HVAC market."

BIM will surpass the typical CAD drawing in that it can provide a 'whole life' appreciation of the building, not just at construction phase. Using BIM it will be possible to understand how a buildings heating and ventilation systems will work and what performance they will deliver when installed.

"We are in support of this new initiative which will enable our customers to easily specify products for their projects," said Phill. "Its appeal is the systems impartial choice process giving industry professionals complete flexibility to make their own informed choices as to the correct products and materials for their project, promoting design and creativity rather that prohibiting it.

“Pegler Yorkshire's own INSIGHT online tool offers a step by step guide to choosing the most appropriate system encompassing jointing and pipe works choices in a variety of situations.  We are currently developing the next stage of INSIGHT which will further support installers in their decision making process,” concluded Phill.

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