Plastering Simplified With New Knauf Proroll

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3rd Jul 2017

With its brand-new roller-applied range of finishing and surface-levelling ready-mixed plasters, Knauf has introduced ProRoll, a new quick, clean and efficient way of plastering residential homes and smaller projects.

Suited to both smooth and textured backgrounds, Knauf ProRoll is applied to surfaces using a 9-inch medium pile roller and extension pole as required, ensuring a quick and easy installation while reducing the physical effort required to plaster.

Ready-mixed, Knauf ProRoll can be applied directly from the tub, producing only a fraction of the mess of a traditional plaster product. In additional, any excess material can simply be removed from a surface and recycled into the container, reducing wastage even further.

Knauf ProRoll is available in two variants, Knauf ProRoll Light and Knauf ProRoll Max.

Knauf ProRoll Light can be applied in coats of up to 1mm, providing a fine finish when applied over gypsum boards, sand stone blocks and other smooth surfaces.

Conversely, Knauf ProRoll Max is a surface-levelling compound that is ideal for the preparation of irregular and uneven surfaces prior to a final finishing with Knauf ProRoll Light. Highly versatile and adaptable to a number of decorating scenarios, ProRoll Max is an ideal solution for surface levelling, with coats as thick as 4mm possible.  

With a fast-drying time of between 12 and 18 hours, Knauf ProRoll allows painters and decorators to prepare their projects for the final finish with a minimum of snagging required.

Unlike traditional plaster products, Knauf ProRoll can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months, provided a lid is applied, meaning it is ready for use at any time when the need arises.

All of these properties combine to create a product that will save both time and labour for DIY projects, painting and decorating jobs and smaller plastering situations. 

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