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19th May 2014

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A plumbing professional who almost spends as much time under the water as he does directing it through pipework is training the plumbing and heating professionals of the future as part of their CPD studies.

Pegler Yorkshire’s technical trainer Glenn Schofield, 51 from Doncaster, who also participates in the unusual underwater hockey sport of Octopush, is training the next generation of installers at colleges throughout the country, and in doing so he’s bringing qualified plumbing experience to the classroom and providing tomorrow's installers with the product knowledge and jointing expertise they need to make a successful career for themselves.

"Providing this type of training gives apprentices and students a real understanding of the industry and its product options so that they can make an informed decision as to which product is most suitable for which application," said Phill Jackson Marketing and Business Development Director Pegler Yorkshire. "Glenn delivers training on all of our pipework jointing ranges, including Push-Fit, Multi-Layer and Xpress - and, for colleges who are able  to travel to us in Doncaster, visits to our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre can be arranged so that students can benefit from on-site training, real time product performance studies and a tour of our manufacturing facilities."

Glenn started working for British Gas at the age of 16, where he qualified as a gas service engineer after a three year apprenticeship, before moving onto to Pegler Yorkshire where he stayed for 14½ years. He then had a career change within the industry before returning to Pegler Yorkshire 18 months ago to facilitate and lead the training initiative for developing young people into skilled plumbing and heating professionals.

"It is so important that our young people are given the training and education that they need to develop their knowledge for a future career - and this type of training is very much focused on attaining skills and plumbing proficiency," said Glenn. “Plumbers and heating engineers are a valuable asset to us all and as technology continues to evolve it is important that they receive the most comprehensive training to equip them to deal with a host of applications from traditional plumbing to solar panel and heat exchange system installation and maintenance."

Glenn's experience - spanning in excess of 35 years - means he is fully equipped with all the necessary knowledge to successfully drive Pegler Yorkshire’s comprehensive training programme, and help shape the future of the plumbing and heating industry.

One college that has benefitted from his expertise within the industry is 'Construct', a specialist college in Kent.  The college specialises in taking students who do not show a natural aptitude for general academia (16 years plus) but may have a desire to further practical work in construction-related roles. Once a week they visit the college from their schools and they are professionally trained to develop skills for a particular trade.

"Glenn has been a great asset to our training programme and has educated out students on the ins and outs of every angle of pipework connections," commented Dave Jerrom lead tutor Construct College. "They have learnt which options are available, the best jointing system for the job and most importantly how to fit professionally and work with pride. He has inspired our students and has delivered his training with professionalism and personality."

Pegler Yorkshire is constantly campaigning for the development of young talent, and is proud to sponsor the UK Copper Board National Apprentice Plumber of the Year award. As part of its sponsorship commitment, Glenn will be attending  a programme of 'Meet the Manufacturer' events across the country where he will make presentations on Pegler Yorkshire pipework, fittings and best practice installation, and be available to offer advice to students.

When not heading up Pegler Yorkshire’s technical training resource, Glenn is a GB Masters Coach for the sport of Octopush, having won the British Championships, played for Great Britain at international level - where he won four world championship bronze medals. More about Octopush can be discovered here:

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