Pegler Yorkshire Makes Investment to Increase Production Capacity

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Pegler Yorkshire

18th Jul 2013

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Leading UK plumbing and heating manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has invested millions into its two Yorkshire sites in order to double production capacity to cope with the expected demand in its range of metal push-fit fittings.

The company’s Leeds site has received an investment of £2.8 million, whilst its Doncaster factory has seen an injection of an additional £2.5million, all part of Pegler Yorkshire’s strategy to remain competitive in a global market place.  The investment has been made in new presses and related machinery for the production of components for plumbing systems, thermostatic mixing and engineering valves.

Phill Jackson, Marketing and Business Development Director for Pegler Yorkshire commented: “Recent reports have highlighted a rise in UK manufacturing output over the last few months which is a good indicator for sustained recovery in our sector.  Yet, it would be difficult for this to continue if UK manufacturers don’t continue to push the boundaries of innovation, target additional markets and ultimately invest in their own business.

“This latest investment will ensure our customers receive consistency of supply and a quality product at a competitive price, all of which are of paramount importance to their own business success.  For Pegler Yorkshire the investment has enabled us to increase output, via an expansion in capacity and improve process yields, all of which contribute to us staying at the forefront of industry.”

Pegler Yorkshire has installed four hydraulic stamping presses, automatic bar saw and shotblast machines for finishing the forged product.  The company has also invested at its Leeds factory with a dedicated Tectite cell which delivers a quality engineered finished metal push-fit system at a rate which doubles current production capacity.

Phill continued: “Based on the global expansion of our Tectite range in particular, on-going industry research and international influences we are confident that our product innovations are in-line with future requirements and therefore this investment will help to guarantee their success.”

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