Pegler Yorkshire Launches New Online Tool to Help with Jointing Choices

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Pegler Yorkshire

6th Mar 2014

508 Pegler Yorkshire Launches New Online Tool to Help with Jointing Choices

Pegler Yorkshire, a market-leading authority in the plumbing and heating industry, has launched a new online selector tool to provide installers and contractors with a unique way to identify the most effective method to join pipe work in any given situation.

INSIGHT is the perfect online tool to help installers, contractors and specifiers choose the right system for the job. Through three simple stages of search and selection (confirming the type of project, application and pipe work system), INSIGHT will help installers to identify and select the most appropriate way of joining pipe work for a specific project.

"Whether it’s a large commercial commission for service distribution, a high occupancy building, or a domestic installation that’s posing a new challenge, all the answers and qualified advice for both new applications and retro-fitting are now just a click away," said Phill Jackson Business Development and Marketing Director Pegler Yorkshire. "It offers impartial, unbiased advice as to which method and product is best suited to a particular application and covers all sectors of the heating and plumbing industry."

Jointing products can be flexible to meet varying requirements but dependent upon the project, application and needs, some will perform far better than others and be quicker and easier to install. For example, push-fit and press-fit jointing products offer a myriad of benefits when utilised in different applications. Consideration is given to the situation of the pipe work, the confines that may affect it and the application involved - gas, solar, heating and hot or potable water.

"This comprehensive and much-needed facility will reveal the best product solution for installers," said Phill. "It’s easy to use and clearly defines the pros and cons of each connecting system. It also takes into account convenience for the installer by highlighting systems that can be fitted without having to purchase non-standard tools, or homing in on push-fit solutions in situations where speedy installation is a necessity.’’

INSIGHT can be viewed at

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