Pegler Yorkshire Launches New Generation Stainless Steel Tube to UK Market

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Pegler Yorkshire

9th Jun 2015

As an innovator in the world of plumbing and heating solutions Pegler Yorkshire has announced the launch of its XPress SS630 tube - a new grade of stainless steel tube that benefits from equivalent strength and corrosion properties as the 316 and provides a new choice for the commercial marketplace.

The new grade of tube is already widely used across Europe because of its unique qualities.  Its high Chromium content and presence of Molybdenum, amongst other alloys has meant the price sensitive Nickel element is no longer a requirement, which provides huge cost savings when compared to the other grades of stainless steel already used in the market.

Amy Sedgwick, Press Systems Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire, commented: “This is a great innovation that now allows contractors the choice to choose stainless steel without having the restriction of cost.  More applications and alternative jointing methods can now also be achieved by using XPress SS630.  The XPress Stainless Steel systems are also eligible to apply for an extended system working pressure of up to 25 bar.”

With matching qualities to that of 316 the Xpress SS630 is set to be a serious contender in the tube market.  Its strong technical performance affords its use across a wide variety of building services and industrial applications meaning that projects including commercial heating and fire protection systems through to aggressive environmental applications, such as shipbuilding, can utilise this new grade of tube.

XPress SS630 is available in sizes 15-54mm and 6m lengths and meets a wide range of approvals including several international standards for sprinklers (LPCB, FM) and shipbuilding (DNV, GL, RINA).  The presence of titanium gives the tube strength and formability which means that sizes up to 28mm can also be bent to suit. The SS650 range completes the tube offering up to 108mm.

Forming part of the XPress portfolio this light weight, easy to handle tube supports the drive for more heat free installations through quality push-fit and press-fit technology.  It is compatible with the standard XPress Stainless Steel fittings range and benefits from a unique “Leak Before Press” (LBP) design which was developed as a final check to the system to provide instant identification of joints that have been assembled correctly but mistakenly left un-pressed. Plus the Tectite 316 push-fit range which includes a stainless steel grab ring which has been specifically developed to grip stainless steel tube without the need to for it to be scribed.

“With the price of stainless steel sometimes being prohibitive for some projects and contractors this does truly offer a hugely viable alternative,” continued Amy.  “We have listened to what our customers need and introduced this new grade of pipe which will provide the solution to a number of current market issues, not to mention suit a large range of applications.”

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