Pegler Yorkshire Launches Essential Tool For HVAC Installers

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Pegler Yorkshire

22nd Apr 2015

Pegler Yorkshire, UK manufacturer of plumbing and heating solutions, has brought to market a tool that no HVAC installer should be without!  The Tectite Tube Straightener exclusively supplied by the company has been launched for 15mm pipe sizes.

Janette Henwood, Market Manager for Tectite Push Systems said: “The new Tectite Tube Straightener is a highly efficient lightweight handheld tool that can be used instead of a pipe decoiler.  HVAC installers will benefit greatly from having this in their toolbox, not only will their installation have a totally professional look but logistical pressures can be eased with the ability to purchase pipe coils but achieve the same result as straight lengths.”

Flexible metal pipe from a coil can be straightened by hand or by placing on a level surface and manipulating.  However this method never gives a true straightened length and as such can make a job look untidy and reduce the speed of the liquid flowing through it.

The solution now offered by Pegler Yorkshire is its 15mm Tectite Tube Straightener.  This handheld, compact lightweight tool allows pipe to be passed through its centre, by working it in both directions, the spiralling rollers will straighten and strengthen the pipe providing a professional looking and more efficient length.

Janette concluded: “By using this tool installers are guaranteed a more professional looking pipe whilst potentially reducing the costs of materials and simplifying the installation process.”

The Tectite Tube Straightener complements the highly engineered range of Tectite fittings, valves and flexible metal pipe that provide installers with a complete installation solution.  The Tectite range from Pegler Yorkshire is renowned for its highly versatile fittings that connect to a number of pipe materials that give installers swift, clean and high performing installations.

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