Paslode launches the new IM350+ Gas Nailer to market

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ITW Construction Products

12th Mar 2012

After responding to customer feedback, the world's leading name in timber to timber fastening has launched the new Paslode IM350+ Gas Framing Nailer. With a series of significant technical and design improvements to the existing IM350 model, professional tradesmen can now take advantage of the Paslode IM350+, which offers increased reliability and accuracy, extended maintenance periods and a new two-year warranty.

The new Paslode IM350+ Gas Framing Nailer replaces the existing Paslode IM350 tool to offer tradesmen specific performance and user advantages. This year Paslode's patented and unique linear internal combustion engine celebrates 25 years and the technology has undergone recent improvements to increase reliability of the tool and extending the periods between servicing.

Over two kilos lighter than the original tool - the Paslode IM350+ allows for a lower actuation force. This, combined with a new non-slip soft grip handle, increases user comfort and reduces fatigue. In addition, a new five teeth aggressive nose probe can help tradesmen improve the quality of installations by ensuring easier access to any awkward angles.

In addition, Paslode Proscrews benefit from a new Climate G3 coating - a zinc and iron based surface treatment. The Climate G3 coating is independently tested and proven to offer excellent resistance to corrosion of more than 2000 hours of neutral salt spray.

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