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17th Sep 2012

For the past 6 years Packexe Protection Films have been making an appearance on one of the UK’s most popular home makeover shows, 60 Minute Makeover.

With such a small amount of time available for each makeover and large teams of decorators, fitters, camera crews and designers, the ability to quickly and easily protect floors and surfaces inside the homes has been a necessity for the 60 Minute Makeover team.  “Packexe has become a fundamental part of the 60 Minute Makeover set up.  It is essential to protect our contributors’ homes before and during the makeovers from mess and paint, as well as any wear and tear throughout the day which occurs when 40 people run through a house!”

The main concept behind the Packexe Protection Film branding is the colour-coding which enables users to select the right roll colour to match the surface that needs protecting.  Coupled with the self-adhesive qualities of the films this gives an incredibly user friendly product.  The 60 Minute Makeover team continued to explain,  “It [Packexe] is amazingly easy to use (and remove) which saves us time; a crucial element to our filming...the colour-coding means we can identify at speed which is the most suitable for covering carpets, wooden floors or even radiators”.

With customer service and delivery always at the top of the list for any company, Packexe has exceeded expectations even when on very tight schedules.  “Not only has the product been brilliant but the service and support offered by the Packexe team, equally so...the team treated us to excellent and speedy service, it’s very reassuring to know it is guaranteed to arrive on time”.

The 60 Minute Makeover team has also found new and alternative uses for Packexe films,  “from covering paint trays to avoid large amounts of cleaning, to acting as a skip wrapping film to ensure that even overloaded skips are not refused collection!  Its multiple uses has made it imperative to pack on our production vans and we would be lost without it”.

With new uses for Packexe films being discovered all the time, the sky is the limit!

Packexe protection films are high-performance films that grip securely to the protected surface but peel away after use without leaving a sticky residue.  They are durable and can be used during any stage of construction, renovation or decoration.  Their protective qualities can be used on floors and other surfaces during commercial events or messy family activities, protecting against spillages or breakages at parties or mud while gardening.

Transparent with colour-coded branding ensuring that the right product is selected to match the surface:





The ultimate protection for floors and surfaces.

Watch out for Packexe on a TV near you!

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