Packexe Protection Films Keep the Domesday Book Safe and Saves 50,000 Pounds!

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23rd Jul 2014

Packexe has long been used in the renovating and decorating markets in homes and offices, but it’s not just for floors and windows - recently it was used on a rather grander scale – at Exeter Cathedral.

The Cathedral’s ‘West Wing of the Bishops Palace’ project cost £1.8m and was a community-funded project that aimed to bring together all the treasures of the Cathedral’s Library and Archives under one roof for the first time and to improve the facilities for the Cathedral Choirs and Clergy.

The original plan was to move the library contents to protect them from dust from building works, but Packexe stepped in with an offer to use their protection films to avoid the need to move the priceless works. Packexe’s trusted film solutions meant that the project continued whilst the books remained in place, completely protected from dirt and dust.

Priceless Treasures

Commenting on Packexe’s support of the Library works, Canon Librarian Ann Barwood, who managed this project said:-

“Many of these books are priceless.  Some are treasures of national and international significance such as the 10th Century Exeter Book of Anglo Saxon Poetry and the Exon Domesday Survey of 1086. Moving them presented significant challenges in both risk of damage and cost.  We were delighted to be able to leave them undisturbed which not only kept them safe but saved tens of thousands of pounds which we were able to invest back into the project”.

Packexe were able to supply an easy and cost effective solution. Using their hard floor and carpet protection films as appropriate, Packexe was able to mask over doors, flooring and fixed furniture to create a safe and effective barrier for the library against dust and other foreign matter.  The Library books did not need to be moved and the original architectural features were left undisturbed.  This meant that once the project was completed, all that was left to be done was to peel away the Packexe films and dispose of them, with very little cleaning required.

Although used on this large scale, this shows that the timely and correct use of Packexe protection films can save time and money on any renovating or decorating project however unusual, large or small. For more information, please visit  to protect what matters to you.

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