Packexe Honoured With Royal Warrant

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28th Feb 2017

Packexe Ltd, the world’s leading supplier of innovative protection film products, has achieved the ultimate seal of approval from Her Majesty The Queen as its unique, self-adhesive surface protection film is honoured with a Royal Warrant.

The Royal Warrant is awarded to Packexe for its quick to install, leak-proof and slip-resistant film for temporary protection of floors and surfaces during construction, maintenance and renovation.

A highly sought-after privilege, the Royal Warrant recognises individuals or companies which have supplied goods or services to the Royal Family for at least five years and demonstrates excellence and high quality.  This achievement makes Packexe one of only 800 Royal Warrant holders in the world.

CEO and founder of Packexe, Andrew Orchard, says, “We are absolutely delighted to know that Packexe is providing surface protection solutions in the Royal Households. We are honoured to be among the select group of Royal Warrant holders - this is a proud moment in Packexe history.”

Established in 1989, Packexe Ltd manufactures and distributes its innovative protective film products from its headquarters in Exeter, UK where it employs 21 people. The company is known for its constant innovation and its films are recognised in a diverse range of sectors as the market leader. Its latest product, Packexe Smash, is providing time critical glass management systems for fast and safe extrication of casualties from road traffic collisions to rescue services in 40 countries worldwide.

Packexe has had a long-established relationship with the Royal Household. To mark the honour of the Royal Warrant, Packexe is able to use the Royal Arms on its packaging and on display on its building.

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