Overlooking Combi-Care Could be a Costly Mistake

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20th Aug 2014

With the heating season now well under way, BWT are reminding installers not to overlook Combi-Care when servicing, installing or repairing boilers this season through a series of advertisements in the trade press. Fitted as standard over many years by professional Installers, the Combi-Care polyphosphate dosing system not only protects the central heating boiler from scale and corrosion but also provides a regular recurring revenue stream when its long life cartridge is changed as part of an annual service visit. Despite its popularity amongst established users, feedback from recent trade shows has highlighted a misconception amongst some installers who believe a Combi-Care and a System Filter both do a similar job and by fitting either one they will fulfil their obligation under part L of the building regulations.

Whilst system filters are useful in protecting the boiler and its ancillaries from magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants, on their own they offer no protection against the effects of limescale or corrosion. The Combi-Care dosing system on the other hand, is just the opposite and is designed to deliver a whole years protection from the easily replaced long life cartridge.

Whilst system filters use a variety of methods to remove the particles held in suspension in the water, the Combi-Care uses a minute amount of polyphosphate accurately dosed into the system; this type of system is among the most popular of physical scale reducers treating water before it is heated in the central heating boiler. The system works by sequestering the calcium in the water and prevents it forming scale on the heat exchanger. The Combi-Care popularity amongst installers is enhanced by its broad operating range and will work effectively on 15mm and 22mm supply with flow rates up to 54 litres per minute.

Overlooking the fitting of a Combi-Care for any reason, whether through confusion or by choice can be a costly mistake. At an operational level, leaving the boiler exposed to the effects of limescale and corrosion, will possibly lead to poor performance or premature failure. On a business level, Installers simply will miss an opportunity to increase the profitability of their annual service visit by typically up to £40.00 for an annual Cartridge change.  

The Combi-Care is available in 15 and 2mm sizes. For more details about the Combi-Care or your local stockist please call 01376 344 200 or e-mail enquiries@bwt-uk.co.uk.

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