New Spit Fix3 Through Bolt Anchors

By Administrator

ITW Construction Products

2nd Sep 2013

The latest through bolt anchor from Spit Fixings range, the Spit Fix3, is a fast and convenient heavy duty anchor suitable for a broad range of applications in concrete, either pre-fastened or through fixed.

This innovative new product has one of the highest load capacities of any ETA Option 7 approved anchor, limited only to the concrete cone failure, and also boasts excellent edge and spacing limitations. It is extremely versatile and is ideal for use in concrete applications such as fixing columns, beams, brackets and plates.

The Spit Fix3 is manufactured in Europe and comes in a wide range of sizes complete with clear sleeve and head markings for pre-installation and post-installation guidance. Each box also comes with a quick reference guide to help achieve a fast and efficient fix on site.

If you would like further information about the Spit Fix 3 or any other products in the Spit Anchor range, please contact ITW Construction Products Customer Services on 0800 652 9260.

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