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Simpson Strong-Tie

23rd Sep 2014

Construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie has announced the release of its latest catalogue and there’s much more to it than a new cover.

Seen by the industry as the go to resource to help builder better, stronger structures, the 2014 edition of “Connectors for Timber and Masonry Construction” includes all of the familiar joist hangers, restraint straps, timber connectors, masonry ties and plasterers bead which they are best known for. However to make life easier for Simpson Strong-Tie’s distributors and end users, they have combined the ‘connectors’ brochure with its Anchor Systems and Glulam Connector catalogues.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s new range of structural screws is also being launched as an integral part of the new brochure. This section features a selection of CE marked screws available in in lengths from 80-400mm.

Versatile and easy to drive, these screws are suited to a wide variety of applications where multiple timber plies need to be joined together to form one unit with impressive strength and characteristic performance values. Examples include:

  • Roof Trusses
  • Timber Frame Panels
  • Engineered Timber (I-Joists)
  • Composite Panels
  • Metal Web Joists

The Anchor systems section of the new edition includes Simpson’s full range for chemical anchors for masonry and concrete, featuring the Poly-GP general purpose resin, which changes colour to let you know that is has fully cured, AT-HP which is ETA approved for threaded rod and rebar concrete and its flagship ‘pure epoxy’ resin: SET-XP which is approved for use in seismic conditions. All of which is complimented by a suite of threaded rods, through-bolts and wedge and wedge anchors, along with the tools and accessories to install them.

Simpson Strong-Tie has been no slouch with its core range of connectors either, with existing sections expanded to include more details, additional product sizes, a clearer layout design and over a dozen new completely new and innovative products such as:

  • A simple to install and highly cost effective concealed post base (CPT).
  • A heavy duty masonry hanger with a 90° skew to allow joists to be installed parallel to the wall (RHMSK).
  • An all-new hanger design for I-joists which delivers excellent load bearing performance, without the price tag to match.
  • A range of heavy and light duty security mesh for reinforcing wall and roof panels against intrusion.

Sales Director Jon Head explains: “Our customers have been crying out for a ‘one-stop-shop’ alternative to the many brochures we currently make available. With our 2014 edition we have brought together the entire compliment of connectors for every aspect of the building project, from the foundation to the roof we now present the right solution for the job in once place.”.

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