New Powerflushing Video Provides Step-by-Step Guide

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5th Aug 2014

Fernox, the UK’s leading chemical water treatment manufacturer, has released a new comprehensive video ‘Powerflushing made easy – Fernox’, designed to provide installers with the latest and best practice approach to powerflushing, cleaning and protecting a central heating system. The video is available to view on the Fernox YouTube channel as well as the Fernox website and can assist in educating the householder to the importance and benefits of a clean heating system to reduce fuel bills and improve energy efficiency.

The step-by-step video provides valuable advice and guidance when it comes to pre-commissioning new central heating systems as well as servicing existing systems. By highlighting the different options open to installers when faced with a dirty and sludged system - the video offers clear instruction on providing service to a professional standard whilst minimising time on- site for the installer.

To view the video visit:

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