New Paslode Nailscrews Launched

By Administrator

ITW Construction Products

15th Nov 2013


Following on from the launch of their successful Lithium tool range, Paslode have introduced a brand new NailScrew range, designed for use with the IM360Ci Lithium tool. The Paslode NailScrew is a new innovation from the Paslode team, providing the end user the ability to fire a performance nail that can later be removed and even re-inserted.

Available in two finishes (ElectroGalv and Stainless Steel). The NailScrews are Eurocode 5 approved and meet CE marking requirements, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety in use.

Ideal for applications where access may be required after fixing, such as cladding or decking, and for temporary fixings like hoardings, Paslode NailScrews can be removed and re-fixed without performance being compromised. They are six times faster to install than standard wood screws, saving on time, labour and material costs. The Torx drive head is designed to allow for more power under screwing with no cam-out, the head design itself does not damage on insertion providing the perfect result for an improved aesthetic finish.

If you would like further information about Paslode NailScrews, or the New Paslode Lithium range, please contact ITW Construction Products Customer Services on 0800 652 9260.

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