New Loyalty Rewards on Offer For Installing Tapworks Water Softeners

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Tapworks Water Softeners

29th Sep 2014

Leading water softener manufacturer – Tapworks – has significantly enhanced its loyalty programme for installers who join up to its Team Tapworks installer club.

The company has confirmed that its successful ‘buy ten softeners – get your eleventh free’ offer will continue into 2015 – whereby installers earn 100 points for every softener they buy and once they accumulate 1000 points they get their next AD11 water softener completely free of charge.

From November Team Tapworks members can enjoy additional benefits as they install more and more softeners. At 200 points the member will receive free marketing items and entry onto the Team Tapworks installer locator. At 500 points they will receive a comprehensive promotional package for their business and at 1000 points a free business profile on the Tapworks website to help promote the installer’s business in addition to the free AD11 softener.

“The ‘free softener’ loyalty reward has gone down well with our installers so we decided to take a closer look at what else we could offer that would help both the installers and Tapworks,” says Tapworks Chris Eaton. “This package of offers was discussed with a number of installers who gave us really helpful feedback on what might be useful to them – and we’re pleased to be able to respond!”

New members of the Team Tapworks group will have to register online for membership at

All purchasers of a new Tapworks high flow water softener unit already get a free comprehensive installation kit for 15mm and 22mm pipework in the box with the softener – meaning they genuinely get everything they need to install the softener – right down to the last washer. The new range still includes quality components from the high flow valve itself, to high quality steel braided hoses and quality valves. The technology in a Tapworks softener is protected by more than 40 patents - so there’s a huge amount of a Tapworks softener that you won’t find in any competitive product.

Full details of the Tapworks range and the Team Tapworks offers can be found on the company’s excellent website at or you can call for information on 01494 480 621.

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