New labels freshen up Flexseal's couplings

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17th Oct 2012

Whether it’s growing our catalogue of demo movies or developing our channel drainage in response to customer feedback, Flexseal are always developing and taking the lead in our industry.

It’s for this reason that Flexseal are going live with a new, higher profile and more informative label for our drainage coupling ranges. With a distinctive blue and yellow colour scheme it means that they’ll stand in the crowd in the builder’s merchant and strengthen the brand. Particularely when merchandised on a Flexseal display stand.

There is more to it though. Each label also includes QR code which when scanned with a smartphone, takes the user to a product demo movie. So if a contractor needs to clarify the installation on site or a merchant needs to give a customer a demo before purchase, the QR code can be easily scanned and a detailed product demo viewed. These movies are also all available on the Flexseal YouTube channel.

Sales of Flexseal Large Diameter couplings, specifically the new Flexseal Magnum coupling, are increasing year on year. At 370mm wide, the Magnum is the widest flexible coupling in the marketplace and is manufactured to suit customer requirements up to 3000mm diameter. Such a large product requires a larger label for easy identification, and these are also being introduced shortly.

Jack Edwards, Marketing Assistant, comments; ‘I think the new Flexseal labels look fantastic and will really help us raise the Flexseal brand wherever our products are seen worldwide. The new design is a lot more distinctive and with the added link to installation videos the labels also serve an extra purpose to the merchant/contractor ’.

The transition to these new labels is taking place at the moment, and will be complete by the end of 2012. All export product will also use the same brand, supporting Flexseal’s position as Global market leader.

If you’re a merchant and would like to hear more about the QR code system, or would like to order a Flexseal display stand, please contact our office on 01226 340 888. You can also email us at .

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